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August 29, 2016

How to Save Money When Shopping Online

Anyone who shops online and doesn’t take advantage of the promotion code box is missing out on huge savings. The benefits of knowing where to find discounts far outweighs the disadvantages of not taking the time to look for deals. In this article you will find easy ways to save money during your online shopping sessions.

First, let’s keep it plain and simple. A coupon code can take a percentage off your final bill or remove the shipping costs. Codes often come with restrictions, which is why you need to read the fine print. Codes can be found in multiple online locations. Start your coupon search on the store’s website and opt-in for the newsletter for store specific notifications. Once you discover the code, pay attention to whether it needs to be used at checkout, or if it’s received through a link.

Codes are short and in all caps in order to be easily spotted. Codes are applied at different stages of checkout. Try not to multitask during the checkout process, in order to avoid placing the order before entering the code.

Common code restrictions apply to gift cards, sale items, specially priced items, and sometimes an entire category. Code exclusions depend on the brand, as well as the type of promotion being offered. Search for a link containing the details, or type the coupon name in the web browser to learn about the code’s restrictions. Expired codes, along with codes typed in lowercase when presented in caps, are a few reasons the code may not work as expected. Does the code have a minimum purchase? When there is a minimum threshold, it’s based on the total cost of the products minus tax and shipping.

Finding a code through a web browser’s search isn’t difficult thanks to the variety of code-aggregating sites online. In order to increase your chances of big savings, take advantage of using the browser’s search bar. Also, browser plug-ins will locate discounts for you and apply them at checkout. Why not use both methods and further increase the odds of finding an amazing deal online.

Even if the store doesn’t offer a coupon code, it doesn’t mean you cannot receive a discount. Some stores offer instant coupons to those who sign up for the email newsletter. Online coupon sites often leave out email discount offers. Liking and following a store’s social media page often results in receiving coupon codes. Try calling the store and asking them directly for a coupon for new customers.

The final price without a discount is sometimes less than using a coupon, depending on where the item is sold. Sometimes you can find the item for less on another website, even without using a coupon code. Calculate the total costs before you ultimately decide where to buy online.
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